1 / 280  (work in progress)

The stadium is over. It must be over if you’re taking photos of it. The last time people took our photos was when it was over the first time. After this, everyone forgot that a small section of the market remained operational, run by the same people but on a smaller site. And then, due to this, we started to earn less, and soon we will stop earning anything at all. They will end us. So hurry up with your photos, because soon you won’t be able to take any. It will become empty, and our stands will be covered with rocks and gravel. I think this is the last time it is over.

Words of one of the merchants



„1/280″ tells the story of the last section of the 10th-Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw. The open-air market ceased to be operational with the launch of the construction works on one of the stadiums for the Euro 2012 football championship. Despite earlier plans, the space surrounding the PKP Stadium train station was not completely transformed, and it is still filled with makeshift barracks where close to a hundred persons from various parts of the world work and trade on a daily basis.



The project was carried out under a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


multi-screen installation, 01:28'